Dhanvantarys DBCare

Dhanvantary’s DBCare

180 Capsules
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Your defence against Diabetes

Clinically Tested and Approved - Dbcare

Dhanvantary's DBCARE is an herbal product which helps your body's defenses to fight diabetes naturally. Dhanvantary's DBCARE is made from herbal ingredients which are being used in Asian households since ancient times with the right formulation and combination of herbs. Having been made from herbs and plants extract there are no side effects. The purpose of taking Dhanvantary's DBCARE is to control diabetes in a natural way without any side effects where there is no requirement to take any allopathic medication or insulin. Dhanvantary's DBCARE helps both the types of Diabetes i.e. Type I & Type II. It helps to re-activate and strengthen the pancreas which is responsible for controlling the sugar levels by producing insulin in the body. Above all Dhanvantary's DBCARE also helps you with the following,

  • Helps lowering and controlling your blood sugar levels
  • Helps with blurred vision
  • Removes any tingling sensation
  • Boosts up your energy levels
  • Re-activation and strengthening your pancreas
  • Helps you to get off your allopathic medication gradually

NOTE:Dhanvantary's DBCARE can be taken along with any other medication or with any other medical conditions.