Dhanvantarys NRG

Dhanvantary’s NRG

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For Xtra boost of energy

Do you often feel sad or angry for no reason, have mood swings and find that smallest of things can upset or frustrate you??. Live your life under constant stress?? Feeling tired constantly and rarely have any energy left at the end of the day??

Use NRG for that Xtra boost of energy

  • When you have to work double shifts
  • When you are playing or simply just trying to keep up with your kids after a tiring day
  • When you are running endless errands to clean your house, shopping, cooking, looking after kids.
  • When you are motivated for the gym, exercising or yoga but lack energy
  • When you need to improve your mental focus
  • Need to go out for a fun filled happening night out
  • When you need improved sexual performance
  • When you feel you need to increase your sexual libido
  • To keep you going day after day without worrying about getting exhausted.

There are innumerable brands of energy supplements available in the market in the form of energy drinks, bars, capluses, tablets etc. for low prices. Then you might want to know why use NRG?? Well we have the answers for you…

The problem with most energy supplements, in the form of energy bars or energy drinks, is that they contain a lot of sugar, which can contribute to weight gain and headaches. Many of the over the counter energy supplements for chronic fatigue, as well as other energy products also contain a lot of caffeine, often much more than a cup of coffee, which could pose health risks. So as you can see, energy drinks, bars and pills are not the best energy supplements.

You are much better off with natural energy boosting vitamins, minerals and nutrients which can stimulate energy without the negative side effects and that is what exactly NRG does. There are many natural ingredients that can boost your body's energy significantly. Herbal extracts contain some of the most powerful antioxidants and other therapeutic nutrients.

In what ways can NRG helps you,

  • Natural herbs in NRG like Ashwagandha, shatavari, Gokharu are helpful in treating a variety of sex issues for both men and women, offering a safe way to increase sex drive and overall well-being.
  • Another important sexual factor besides energy is relaxation. If your mind is at ease you can better concentrate on sexual activity, furthering your enjoyment. Ashwagandha (Ginseng) acts as a stress reliver to stimulate the brain, increasing blood flow to the brain and enhancing mental function and concentration, two important factors in healthy sexual activity.
  • As we age, the natural levels of Co-Q10 in our cells fall, reducing the levels of energy that the cells receive. This results in the cells functioning less well and becoming more likely to develop disease, age or even die. Shilajit is a herb used in the Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine. Shilajit is a rasayana herb and is an adaptogen. Shilajit contains at least 85 minerals in Ionic form as well as humic acid and fulvic acid. Clinical researches have been in progress and the ancient claims of the drug’s several properties, including anti-aging properties. Shilajit extract in NRG helps to form a powerful natural antioxidant which helps to regain the lost energy thus delaying the aging process.
  • The main function of antioxidants is to neutralize free radicals in the body, thought to be the cause of premature aging and lot more.
  • Kaucha extract in NRG is a rejuvenating and a sort of geriatrics of Ayurveda for daily use. It improves sperm morphology, metabolic activities and boost physiological functions. It provides vigor, vitality, strength and maintains high energy level.
  • So in a nutshell, NRG rejuvinates your body, increases your strength and stamina, helps to increase sexual libido, anti fatigue and relives stress. On the Whole provides you with all the Natural Goodeness of Rejuvanating herbs in one capsule without any side effects.

Boost up your life with NRG the herbal food supplement. NRG Is designed by our experts to not only deal physical deficiency but it also deal with mental or psychological side of it. The rich minerals and herbs processed traditionally rejuvinates your body and provides you with that Xtra strength, energy & stamina, to cope easily with your daily routine tasks and much more. Helps you to boost up your moral and confidance level which eventually lowers down your stress levels and helps you remain happy and calm and more of a loving individual to which even your family is looking forward to.